Innovative companies don't bend the rules, they write their own. Their workspace is a reflection of this revolutionary spirit. It's not enough to get the job done in some prefab office building. They need custom. They need a space that echoes their relentless ambition. Something that's bold. Creative. New. They need a Landmark opportunity: 401 Park Drive.

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Chop it up. Build it out. Add some funk. Landmark offers the perfect template for nearly any imaginable workspace all wrapped in historic limestone Art Moderne walls.

  • More than 200,000 SF available
  • Room to accommodate up to 900 employees per floor
  • Architect available to complete test fits at no cost
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An urban hub, Landmark is intimately woven into the fabric of the Fenway neighborhood. A workspace and playground for tens of thousands of professionals, students and tourists, the surrounding streets teem with vitality unique to major cultural center, providing the ideal backdrop for any retail, restaurant or office location.

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In epic scale, documentary filmmaker Cheryl Dunn set out to capture the vibrancy and diversity of the people that live and work in the Fenway area. Her most recent project, Faces of Fenway, displays oversized photographs of Fenway residents on the walls of buildings in and around the community. It's a project that, quite literally, brings the neighborhood to life.

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Office Leasing

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Executive Director
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Executive Director
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Retail Leasing

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Vice President of Leasing
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Building Operations

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Operations Manager
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